Emergency Information Form

Please complete this form. It is vital the information you provide is accurate and that we can contact you when you are on holiday, or provide an alternative contact that we can speak to about your dog should an emergency/need arise.

  • Emergency Information, Daily Routine, Vet & Insurance form


    In this form, we will ask you information about your dog which will assist us in caring for him or her, and also give us the information we require to act swiftly should we need to, in an emergency situation. We will also ask for their habits, vet history and insurance details. When you leave your dog with us, we take great care to ensure your dog adapts to staying with our carefully selected carers.

    The details you give us for your emergency contact, absolutely must be contactable at all times and be able to act in a situation where they may be required make a decision regards your dogs health, or arrange for the collection of your dog where your dog may be at risk of injury or injuring themselves. If you are not able to nominate a person, please provide the best details of how to contact you so that we may be able to act swiftly. If you have a mobile phone, please ensure it is able to work abroad and will be able to accept a call from us. We will ensure that any action taken will be in the best interests of you, and your dog based on our opinion of the situation.

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